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Steroids what is it?

Steroids are synthetic analogues of the male hormone (testosterone) and its derivatives. After administration of the drug, it produces an effect similar to endogenous testosterone and dihydrotestosterone. First of all, it is an increase in the rate of production of protein compounds in muscle tissues and the subsequent growth of muscle fibers.

In addition, the use of anabolic steroids enhance physical parameters. All this makes the steroid very popular among athletes. Today in the big sport AAS are used by all athletes, as without it to count on serious results is no longer necessary. And it concerns not only “”iron”” sports disciplines, but also all others. According to unofficial information, over the past two decades in professional sports all records were set by athletes who took AAS.

The first steroid was testosterone, which was synthesized from cholesterol, and it happened in 1935. Two years later, the first human trials were conducted. The first mention of the use of anabolic steroids by athletes is dated 1938. This time can be considered the beginning of the “”steroid era”” in sports. Until the mid-seventies the use of anabolic steroids are sold freely in pharmacies, but then was banned by the IOC. Here you can order steroids without a prescription.

Thus, 1976 was the date of the completion of the legal use of AAS by athletes. But the drugs continue to be actively used, despite all attempts of sports officials to clear them from professional sports. Scientists continue to work on the creation of new drugs that will be more effective than steroids. In power sports now besides AAS are very popular peptides, insulin and somatotropin. Also, a new group of drugs called SARMs is becoming more and more popular. Our steroid shop offers you to buy not so much AAS, but also other drugs that can help you improve your athletic performance. At the same time, the price of steroids is low, which is possible thanks to the direct supply of products from manufacturers.

Among the main effects of steroids should be noted the following:

  • The processes of recovery of the body after the training are significantly accelerated.
  • Catabolic processes slow down or even stop.
  • The production of muscle protein compounds is accelerating.
  • Gene mechanisms of growth are activated in target cells.
  • Significantly increases the speed of metabolic processes.
  • Accelerated secretion of red blood cells.

All AAS can be classified on several grounds:

  • According to the method of application – oral and injectable.
  • The effects on the human body – anabolic and androgenic.

Androgenic drugs are steroids with high rates of anabolic and androgenic activity. They should be counted among all the testosterone containing anabolic steroids, methyltestosterone and methandienone. Also considered androgens and drugs that are derived from dihydrotestosterone: stanozolol, Masteron, turinabol and Methenolone. Although they have a low indicator of androgenic activity, but in theory can cause side effects of androgenic type. Anabolic drugs include all other steroids.

Of all the anabolic properties of AAS are positive:

  • Muscle mass.
  • The increase in physical parameters.
  • Fat burning effect.
  • Strengthening the bone structure, etc.

But the androgenic properties of drugs are considered undesirable:

  • Acne (acne).
  • The suppression the health of the testicles and pituitary of the entire arc.
  • The process of hypertrophy of the prostate.
  • Hair loss on the head, etc.

How to avoid side effects when using AAS

If You spend long cycles of AAS, the duration of which exceeds six weeks, any drug you use will suppress the secretion of endogenous male hormone. But this situation is reversible and to eliminate this negative impact of steroids on the body, it is necessary to use gonadotropin.

Another negative effect of steroids is aromatization. It is associated with the interaction of a special enzyme aromatase with male fuel, which as a result is converted into estrogens. However, this side effect is quickly eliminated by using aromatase inhibitors, which are introduced into the cycle.

Very often athletes are afraid of the toxicity of steroids to the liver. But, firstly, alcohol in this regard produces a much more powerful destructive effect on the body, and, secondly, taking drugs of the hepatoprotectors group, you will completely help the liver to recover quickly.

No one argues with the fact that steroids have side effects. However, they are characteristic of any medicine. Most of the frightening details about the harmful effects of anabolics on the body is exaggerated or even far-fetched. If you use AAS in accordance with the recommendations, you will insure yourself against side effects. You can order steroids with delivery to Australia and regions from us, and also receive competent free consultation.